This spring, Ecouterre and Hessnatur hosted a tête-à-tête on the future of green fashion at Relative Space Design in New York City. Naturally, the conversation veered towards clothes. In this video, we give you an exclusive look inside the wardrobes of distinguished panelists and attendees alike. Find out which designer whets her shopaholic desires with vintage finds, which fashion maven scours eBay and Etsy for one-of-a-kind treasures, and which vegan won’t say no to a good pair of leather boots.

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Our very own Jill Fehrenbacher moderated the panel, which included model-entrepreneur Summer Rayne Oakes, Lucky fashion editor Anne Keane,’s Kate Sekules, and designers Clodagh and Eviana Hartman.

“If we don’t as a species start acting more cooperatively, we will die out,” said’s Kate Sekules.

From lighthearted confessions on what they were wearing to heavier discussions about whether eco-fashion needs a new name, the panel kept the conversation brisk and riveting. “If we don’t as a species start acting more cooperatively, as if we were all in this together, we will die out. It is just so obvious,” noted Sekules early on in the discussion. If that statement doesn’t set a tone for why we should care about the everyday choices we make, we don’t know what does.

Special thanks to Hessnatur for making the event the success it was.

Originally published July 13, 2011.