After being laid off from his job as a lawyer three years ago, Luigi Bianco decided to move to Europe and follow his dream of being in fashion. Bianco wanted to focus on one accessory that he thought was overlooked — scarves — and this February he created Votary, a knitwear label of oversized scarves and blankets. “Making a lasting first impression is always important and to that end I’ve always thought what is at eye level and used for layering was super important – be it scarves, cardigans or jackets,” Bianco writes on his Kickstarter.

Votary’s classic scarves and blankets are designed with an homage of the American flag. Bianco recollects yearning to be home while he was abroad and wanted to reflect that in his products. Who knew the American flag could look so good?  Bianco knew how important it was to keep and bring jobs back to the USA, so all of Votary’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Aside from Votary’s classic flag design, their scarves and blankets also come in different designs and colorways. Made from super soft, non-scratchy Acrylic, these premium scarves and blankets are machine washable and made to last a long time.  They’re also double paneled, so that means they’re reversible to fit all your style moods.

Head over to Bianco’s Kickstarter to help him fund Votary. They’re already passed their funding goal, but for a pledge of $70, you can get one Votary scarf (retailed at $75) in the design of your choice.

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