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When it comes to conquering the boardroom, clothes maketh the woman. Get your #cornerofficegoals started with Wallis Evera, an online-only collection of office-ready dresses, skirts, and jackets that give polyester blends and their petroleum-derived ilk a wide berth. Ethically made in Vancouver in British Columbia, where the brand is based, each piece comprises natural fabrics such as hemp, certified-organic cotton, and wood-pulp-derived lyocell. “Hemp is a strong, incredibly versatile fiber,” Monique Parker, founder of Wallis Evera, writes on her website. “As a natural resource, it hasn’t even come close to reaching its potential in terms of market reach and application.”

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Few fibers are more universally maligned than hemp. Despite hemp’s dominance of America’s early farmlands, misinformed fears about its relationship with marijuana has stymied cultivation in the United States for the past half-century.

Yet there’s much to recommend about the crop. Hemp uses little water, for instance, and requires no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. From biofuels to construction materials, hemp can be used to make more than 25,000 types of product.

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“We know it’s a little different, and it takes a bit of a conversation to warm up to the whole hemp idea,” Parker wrote in a blog post. “And that’s okay with us. We love different.”

It helps that Wallis Evera’s wares are chic and smart first, and sustainable second. Call it “power dressing” with a difference.

Time for the glass ceiling to meet its maker, wouldn’t you say?

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