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An investigation by the Federal Trade Commission has forced mega-discount retailer Walmart to remove “Made in the USA” labels from its webstore. Walmart was accused of mislabeling items on its website earlier this year when the group Truth in Advertising investigated the supply chain of several of its wares. With Truth in Advertising’s findings, the FTC launched its own investigation against Walmart, agreeing to cease when Walmart agreed to change its “made in the U.S.A.” labels.

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The Federal Trade Commission’s probe against Walmart was put in place to force the mega-retailer to own up to fraudulently advertising many of its items to cater to the patriotic consumer, with a Made in the USA logo. Over 100 items were found to falsely include the Made in the USA label within their titles, when at least a portion of their contents or packaging was produced overseas.

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With the group Truth in Advertising’s initial findings, the FTC was able to open their own investigation, and enforce US laws against deceptive advertising to consumers. Walmart itself has reacted compliantly, agreeing to not only take down the Made in the USA descriptions, but to also redesign logos that lead their customers to believe products are wholly sourced from the United States.

Because of Walmart agreement to take immediate action, the FTC has closed its probe and investigation against Walmart.

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