Fashionable and functional, the new cloak by Mavari keeps mother nature out with its triple layer of fabric. The reversible cloak, now being crowdfunded with a Kickstarter campaign, isn’t just a stylish unisex garment. The multi-use cloak travels with you for any weather, and can be used as a towel, backpack, coverup and of course a cloak.

What makes Mavari’s new cloak so special is their Dry & Wear Technology, which has made the reversible fabric layers waterproof, windproof, absorbent, wicking, breathable and have antibacterial properties. With one side totally waterproof and the other absorbent, the cloak can be used to both keep you dry in a rainstorm, or towel off if you’ve gotten soaked. The reversible cape gives two different looks, but also a multitude of functions.

In Dry Mode, the cape functions as a towel, getting you warm and dry after a dive into the ocean or a rainstorm. Drape the cloak around your waist for Change Mode, giving privacy to change out of your wetsuit with privacy. Backpack Mode allows you to carry your cloak easily when the weather gets warm, which Cruise Mode keeps to dry and comfortable. Finally, Shelter Mode protects from light, rain and the elements, featuring special fasteners on the sleeves to keep water out.

The multi-functional Mavari cloak is perfect for the active traveler who values function but of course wants to remain stylish.

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