You don’t have to resemble a crossing guard to play it safe on the roads at night. We-Flashy may use the same industrial-grade reflective material as police and firefighters do, but its T-shirts and sweatshirts have more in common with contemporary clothing than safety vests. Crafted in the label’s Brooklyn studio, each high-visibility piece features a fun pattern (houndstooth, polka dots, cubes) or catchphrase that illuminates in the headlights of a passing car. The best part? The threads double as regular clothing during the day, which means less gear to schlep around and change out of.

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Alex Vessels and Mindy Tchieu, who founded We-Flashy in 2010, were inspired by personal experience. As graduate students at New York University, the duo navigated the city’s overcrowded streets on their bikes, often past sundown. Capturing the notice of motorists was the paramount concern, but appearances came a close second. “We wanted visible clothing that we’d actually wear and not have to change or put over our outfits,” they write on their website.

Because We-Flashy makes every shirt to order, the company is able to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Because We-Flashy makes every shirt to order, the company is able to keep an eye on quality while eliminating unnecessary waste. “We feel a movement starting,” Vessels and Tchieu add. “People who want safer clothing they’d feel just as comfortable wearing to a bar as they would on their bikes.”

Safety never looked so good.

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