Memorialize a favorite spot with a pair of custom street-map earrings made from stainless steel—the most recycled material in the world. (TreeHugger)

Anvil Knitwear isn’t monkeying around with its new line of organic cotton tees and hoodies, which will benefit the Jane Goodall Institute. (Press release)

Trying to curb your spending? Asking yourself why you should save money, rather than how is more effective, according to a new study. (ScienceDaily)

Just 10 wardrobe pieces for the entire summer—that’s Green by Design’s plan and it’s asking its readers to stick with it, too. (Press release)


“Depending on where you live, there are amazing vintage and thrift finds but if you don’t have that, there is still online. The items are perfectly usable, and they are often one-of-a-kind, which is better than a mass-produced good. Why not use what’s already on the planet in perfect condition?”

—Sheena Matheiken, founder of The Uniform Project, to CNN.