Wearable technology can help you get more exercise, track your sleep, alert you to new text messages, but frankly those are all first world problems. How about using wearable technology to save lives, stop hunger, protect against disease and send alerts about disasters? That’s what UNICEF is hoping talented designers can do with their new contest – Wearables for Good. Partnering with processor manufacturer, ARM and do-gooder design firm FROG, UNICEF is looking for the best and brightest to design wearable technology that can really make a difference. If you’re a technology designer, here’s your chance to do some good for the world.

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The Wearables for Good competition is challenging designers of all ages and backgrounds to think about how technology can be used for good. Primarily, they are looking for wearable technology ideas that can be used to aid women and children in resource constrained environments. The competition is seeking ideas in four categories – systems that can provide alerts; provide diagnosis for disease; help to improve basic nutrition and education; and ways to gather and analyze data.

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UNICEF is looking for ideas that are cost-effective, rugged and durable, use little power, and are scalable. Please refer to the Wearables for Good Use Case Handbook for further guidelines. Students, professionals, teams, makers, entrepreneurs and more can all apply for the challenge with their innovative ideas through August 4th, 2015. Winners of the competition will be announced in the fall of 2015.

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