The cooler, drier weather may leave us with better hair days, but they’re usually at the cost of skin that resembles a crumbled Saltine cracker. So when natural-beauty company Weleda sent over its Weleda’s Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream, a passing choir of angels burst into the Hallelujah Chorus. Described as a powerful regenerating treatment with rich essential fatty acids, the antioxidant-powered lotion is packed with enough organic pomegranate-seed oil and Shea butter to keep your hands luxuriously moisturized and fruity fresh for hours—without that heavy, greasy feeling.



Although the hand cream didn’t knock this writer’s all-time favorite moisturizer, Weleda Skin Food, off its skin-quenching pedestal, the former is designed to be long-term salve that’s light enough for repeat applications, while the latter is more of a quick fix for rough and damaged skin that, incidentally, won’t be doing much typing in the interim.

The hand cream promises protection from free-radical damage and the promotion of skin renewal. All we know is it works.

According to the spiel on the website, the hand cream promises protection from free-radical damage and the promotion of skin renewal, spitting out test results that found a 9.1 percent reduction in roughness in four weeks. We’re no dermatologists, of course, so our own unscientific investigation could only end in two conclusions: 1. the hand cream brought relief to the dehydrated wasteland we call our epidermis and 2. the effect lasts longer than most Hollywood marriages.

Thanks to a moment of serendipity (and an absence of ChapStick), we discovered that the little red tube works twice as well on cracked lips. In fact, we’re considering using the wonder cream exclusively on our puckers. Hey, marketing execs at Weleda, can we talk about rebranding this as a lip salve?

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