Organic beauty lovers can breathe easy, thanks to Whole Foods. The mega eco-retailer is the first company to personally certify that all of their body care products are certified organic. Personal care products that claim to be organic may not necessarily be, as no laws have been put in place by the Federal government to regulate the health and beauty care industry. Since 2010, Whole Foods has worked with their suppliers to make sure that the claims on their labels are actually accurate, protecting their customers from false claims.

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Whole Foods’ label guidelines first came into action in June of 2010, when the company began the process of sifting through their suppliers to enforce an accuracy standard of organic non-food products. Rather than the traditional fine print, Whole Foods requires all products claiming to be organic to make it known on the front of their labels.

Of these claiming to be organic, Whole Foods then requires the products to become certified, either through the U.S. Department of Agriculture organic standards, or the NSF 305 organic personal care standard.

After two years of working with their suppliers, Whole Foods has sorted and certified their entire stock, working with each product line to make sure their claims are not only true, but labeled correctly and apparently. From placing “organic” in the name to listing an organic ingredient, each must be tried, tested and certified by either of the approved channels.

This service to their customers makes Whole Foods a reliable and trustworthy place to purchase organic health and beauty products, without having the concern that the claims each product makes is simply a selling ploy. By eliminating deceptive labeling, Whole Foods is gaining the trust of their customers.

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