Are you a cup culprit, a double bagger, a container retainer, or napkin nipper? Bail yourself out on Wednesday by joining musician, his Coca-Cola-backed “Ekocycle” initiative, and Global Citizen in declaring April 9 “A Day Without Waste.” Simply register at and take the one-day pledge. You’ll even stand a chance to win free concert tickets to Kings of Leon, Edward Sharpe, and more through the Global Citizen Tickets Initiative and the Global Citizen Nights concert series.


Current statistics are far from comforting: Every day, Americans produce more than 370,000 pounds of trash that ends up in the landfill. Worldwide, plastic bags are used at a rate of 1 million per minute. Even paper to-go cups—like the kind you get at Starbucks—are far from benign, since their waxed lining make them unsuitable for recycling.

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“We’re asking everyone to take a step back and look at their everyday patterns of waste consumption in an effort to encourage even the smallest change that will result in environmental protection,” Ryan Gall, co-founder of Global Citizen, says in a statement. “Like our organization, Ekocycle is dedicated to creating a social sustainability movement around the world and it is our goal with the #ADayWithoutWaste campaign to bring awareness to the permanent, positive changes people can make each day.”

If you want to take your commitment even further, sign up at to measure, track, and share the impact of your zero-waste actions.

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Everyone has the power to make better choices, says “Inviting every citizen to support sustainability is powerful and #ADayWithoutWaste will encourage everyone to take a closer look at how lifestyle choices can help achieve the mission of a world with zero waste,” he adds.

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