Don’t confuse’s PULS with all the other smartwatches on the market. The PULS is not a watch, it’s a mobile device that operates completely on its own without being paired to a smartphone. In fact, the PULS is meant to replace your hand held phone, take all your calls, send emails, update your status, navigate through maps, track your fitness, and act as your personal assistant. The simple cuff design goes with you everywhere, and is the next step to merge wearable technology into high fashion – even Zaha Hadid is backing the new device.

More than just a musician, has long been a pushing the edge in design and fashion and is now set on merging the worlds of fashion and technology. His vast and varied interests in music, fashion and technology may even make him one of the best people to bring about this necessary development where form and function are both equally important. Rather than just tacking on a smartwatch to an existing paired smartphone, and his team are turning the concept on its head and eliminating the phone all together. The Puls is your phone – it’s also a smartband that can manage your feeds, your social networks, emails, texts, music, fitness and even comes with a personal assistant named AneedA.

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“Puls represents my passion for, and my mission to marry design and advanced technology – to create a new breed of wearable device that leapfrogs what is currently on the market. Working with Nuance, we designed AneedA from the ground up, taking her from an innovative concept to a reality. You speak, she listens. You ask, she delivers. You need something, AneedA’s ready. With you at all times and incredibly capable – AneedA is the perfect virtual personal assistant,” said, founder of i.amPlus.

Puls runs on AT&T’s mobile network to allow for phone calls and data usage. Inside the smartband is a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and a battery that can power it for 5 hours of continuous use. Dictate emails, texts or reminders to AneedA or type them using the tiny Minuum keyboard. Pricing or an official launch date haven’t been announced, but the Puls is expected to be made available for the upcoming holiday season. Stay tuned for more info by signing up for updates at iamPuls.

[Via British Wired]