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Sourcing-wise, Wintervacht is spoiled for choice. “The Netherlands used to have a very big industry of blanket-making,” van Oorsouw said. “Millions of wool blankets were made here with the most beautiful patterns and colors.”

The unisex designs are intentionally minimalist—all the better to underscore the beauty of the original bedspreads. The pared-down aesthetic also creates a certain timeless quality.

Don’t expect Wintervacht to pursue the traditional fashion calendar, either. The label offers just one new design every year.

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“In the fashion industry it’s very common to present a completely new collection every season,” van Oorsouw said. “We don’t want to contribute to ‘fast fashion.’

In addition to its initial blanket jacket, Wintervacht makes a long blanket coat, a bomber jacket, and, using leftover scraps, accessories such as headbands and mittens.

Eventually, the company plans to test other secondhand materials or perhaps carry other brands that share the same ethos.

For now, however, van Oorsouw wants to give her first and best employee—her mother—a bit of a break. “We’re now starting to collaborate with sewing ateliers that can take over part of the making—so our moms don’t have to work overnight anymore,” she said.

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