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Old jumpers are being transformed into memory blankets for grieving families by a sensitive seamstress in the north of England. Sue Reed goes by the name of the Woolly Pedlar and has a long history of recycling knitwear into all kinds of new garments. But over the last few years she has developed a way of turning the woolen clothing whose owner has passed away into a comforting blanket for their loved ones. These memory blankets, says Sue, are popular because they keep memories alive while recycling unwanted items at the same time.

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The idea is simple: to sew together squares from clothing of the deceased into a colorful rug that can be used by their friends and families. The initial process of going through the clothes can be emotionally beneficial to the loved ones. Specialists in bereavement care also note that the grieving process can be supported with the addition of a comforting blanket that has memories and associated emotions embedded within its fabric.

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To find out more about Sue’s creations take a look at The Woolly Pedlar on Facebook and Twitter.

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