Winter may officially begin on December 21, but nobody stays warm on a technicality. Here to help you fend off frostbite is Wooln, a nascent knitwear label that charmingly employs New York City grandmothers to create its wares. Founded by two French moms, Margaux Rousseau and Faustine Bardrichani, Wooln seeks to “act for the benefit of society at large” by inviting retirees to share the skills they’ve honed over the years. “We felt seniors could play a bigger role in the community and be more valued than they were in New York City,” Rousseau and Bardrichani told Ecouterre. “And as Europeans, honoring elders is a big part of our way of living, so we wanted to incorporate that same feeling into our project.”

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Made from a variety of “socially responsible” cashmere, merino, and alpaca blends, each beanie, scarf, and headband includes a label that identifies the woman who knitted it. (The firm’s website includes illustrated portraits of its knitters, plus brief interviews that provide some insight into their personalities and interests.)

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By doing so, Wooln says it wants to turn what is usually a cold business transaction into a more thoughtful and personal experience.

“Knowing personally who made you dream hat is pretty awesome,” Rousseau and Bardrichani said. “Wooln is all about community, and creating bonds between different communities, and we strongly believe those relationships definitely benefit everyone.”

Prices range from $65 to $195; pointed inquiries about your love life not included.

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