This quirky World Cup tee for Dutch football fans isn’t “green” per se, but we love how it’s a regular ol’ shirt one second and phooom instant costume the next. Who’s got spirit, yes they do! (Designboom)

PETA’s latest public enemy numero uno? Actress Brooke Shields, who toured a fur studio in Copenhagen and gushed about her “little girl’s dream” of designing a fur coat. (Ecorazzi)

Now that ethical fashion labels are more common than ever, it’s easy to steer away from companies who run roughshod over the planet and its people. TreeHugger offers a sample of who to avoid at all cost. (TreeHugger)

They’re only pie-in-the-sky concepts, alas, but shoes that generate electricity when you walk? A sleeping cap that transmits your dreams? A touch-sensitive shirt? Where do we sign up? (Core77)

Archaeologists have discovered a 58,000-year-old “factory” site in Sibudu, South Africa, that once processed ochre powder, a clay-derived compound that was used to color leather, make adhesives, and create cosmetics. (Discovery News)