Most of us breeze through our chaotic lives without complete awareness of just what affect we each have on the earth. Britain’s Layer Design Studio has created a wearable device that logs and explains each out of personal carbon footprints. The bracelet device brings the Worldbeing app to life, a system co-created by Carbon Trust that not only explains our wear and tear on the earth, but also offers suggestions for a more eco-sensitive behavior.

The Worldbeing wearable channels the app right to your wrist. The piece itself is made from recycled e-waste, helping to divert the 50 million tons of broken computers, phones and other devices that humans generate each year that head for landfills.

Having recycled technology on your wrist is not only Earth-saving, but also sends a message of the importance of recycling to anyone you come in contact with.

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Readable on your smart phone, the app linked to the bracelet illustrates user’s carbon footprint by logging personal transport, food and shopping choices made in real time. With quirky infographics, users can see and better understand just what their actions do to the Earth.

Even further, Worldbeing seeks to inspire change rather than just educate. The app offers not only suggestions for more conscious-living, but also incentives! Making suggested changes can earn users discounts and vouchers at participating retailers and restaurants!

The Worldbeing system is currently just a prototype, but with Layer’s help should hit the pubic sometime soon.

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