To raise awareness of fair trade in India and jump-start an ethical consumption initiative, a giant organic cotton T-shirt broke records today. The idea, conjured up by Fairtrade India, was to connect cotton farmers with urban consumers across the country and draw attention to poor working conditions. So the team worked with organic cotton farmers from Odisha who cultivated around 380 kg of cotton seed which was then spun into over 5,000 km of cotton yarn to help craft India’s largest T-shirt ever. The organisation hopes the eye grabbing garment will help establish a platform to encourage a connection from farm to client.

In a huge community effort people from across the country helped to create the design, with children making 5,000 of the patches. 3,400 were then stitched with messages of solidarity for the farmers and then sewn together by female workers of Suvastra in Bengaluru to make the final product.

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The T-shirt will be unveiled by designer Deepika Govind and showcased at Trio World School before touring the country in a series of fair trade events.

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[Via The New Indian Express]