Worn Again is soaring to new heights not only with its recent foray as an independent company, but also with a new range of jackets, parkas, and bags made from decommissioned Virgin Balloon Flights hot-air balloons. The burgeoning ethical label, which broke away from the shoe-makers at Terra Plana to strike out on its own, has launched the Virgin Bon Voyage collection using material gleaned from G-TVBF “Tango,” a retired balloon that carried a total of 7,808 people on almost 500 flights over the rolling hills of Shropshire, England.

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Designed by up-and-comer Christopher Raeburn and made locally in the U.K., the Worn Again-Virgin collection comprises three sizzling-red pieces that have been screen-printed with hot-air-balloon technical drawings: the Cheeky Sling, a lightweight over-the-shoulder bag; the Red Hot Air, a reversible unisex hoodie with pockets; and the Mile-High Club, a women’s parka with an adjustable gathered waist and a zippered hood.

Worn Again used a retired balloon that carried a total of 7,808 people on almost 500 flights over England.

Worn Again’s sustainable credo is more than a load of gas: A percentage from every sale goes to back the work of its parent company, Anti-Apathy, a London-based charity that supports people who take creative approaches to social and environmental issues.

+ Virgin Bon Voyage £16.50-£82.75

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