You may not be able to put a price on our planet’s future, but when it comes to Hudson Jeans’ “new” reconstructed Resurrection denim, the sky’s the limit. Yes, each one-of-a-kind piece is expertly hand-crafted exclusively from vintage fabric from the Hudson archives, composed of the finest quality denims sourced from top Japanese and Italian mills. Yes, they’re rich with detail and fit like a dream. Yes, they boast an elite crowd of followers, including Sandra Bullock, Pink, and Gisele Bündchen.  And, most importantly, they’re repurposed goods and therefore eco-friendly. But no matter how you spin it, $5 shy of a grand is still pretty hefty for a pair of old blues. 

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We have no doubt that Hudson designer Benjamin Taverniti is an inspired artist when it comes to denim. The Resurrection rails against sartorial convention, with sideways pockets, seams visibly askew, and contrasting swatches of fabric. Plus, as far as ready-to-wear jeans go, the Resurrection is as bespoke as you’ll get. “It takes me seven hours to complete one pant, Taverniti says. “I take samples, cut them and create a blanket. Then the machine cutter does its work to create a new pair.”

It takes seven hours for designer Benjamin Taverniti to sew the denim samples to create one pant.

If we believe that fashion is art and art is controversy, then these duds have all three bases covered. Keeping old materials out of landfills—and new materials from being created—is a commendable pursuit, but if you look at the Resurrection from the perspective of irresponsible spending, how “eco” is it, really? (Consider that Hudson jeans typically retail between $215 and $325.)

Your mileage, as they say, may vary.

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