What gives Paula Abdul that elusive “X factor” on the red carpet? Turns out, it has something to do with the way she mixes vintage pieces with modern trends. “I love vintage clothes: the prints, the shapes,” the reality-show judge tells Ecouterre, right after this author snagged one of Abdul’s dresses from The Real Real, an online consignment store. “They’re eternally classic, they always fit into the current style, no matter what the style is. I can always mix a vintage piece with something that’s in today and it works beautifully.”

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Abdul, wearing a dress by Leanne Marshall.

Abdul, who’s also a fan of New York designer Leanne Marshall (you might know her from a little show called Project Runway), isn’t a stranger to recirculating the contents of her closet. “I’ve donated tons of shoes, jewelry, and clothes to charity,” she says. “I love that people can buy great pieces by high-end fashion designers, and the money they spend goes to a worthy cause.”