Athletic wear brand Yesler is encouraging social support with their Made in the USA stance to add jobs in North America back to the supply chain with every 500 units sold. The brand prides themselves on using locally produced North Carolinian yarn to create their products, and state that this is of much importance as while 70% of US citizens have some participation in athletics, less than 2% of the items worn in this arena are made on home turf. As a result they have stepped in in order to create durable, eco-conscious athletic wear designed to last and last.

The team at Yesler seem to have done their research. In order to produce a truly customer driven collection, they talked with casual athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike about what kinds of designs would meet their needs. As such they try to keep the focus on the wearer, and thus the pursuit, says Yesler’s Founder, Vince Chu. “Our designs are deliberately minimalistic,” he told Ecouterre. “We think less is more, and the inspiration there was driven by the dire for simplicity.”

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He says that this has lead Yesler to be meticulous with details in the design. “For example, as part of our capri there’s an out seam,” he noted. “This seam is part of our construction but it serves as a design feature that actually elongates the body and gives the wearer a subtle but athletic-looking stance.” These subtle visuals, he adds, are accomplished without over the top stripes or reflective panels that look more chaotic than elegant.

Yesler’s kickstarter campaign has launched with a bang and they are to date just a few thousand dollars off their goal.

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