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The fact that Ystr is online-only also means no retail markups, which typically factor in storefront overheads, wholesale loss, and inventory costs.

Another defining aspect of Ystr’s “anti-fashion” stance is its use of limited-run fabrics, which makes each of its collections few-of-a-kind.

Ystr grasps that it’s pioneering an entirely new mode of garment production. “We’re all just really proud to be a part of this shift towards sustainable fashion, and be able to tie our anti-waste method of manufacturing with really great, high-quality clothes that are sold at approachable price points,” Liang, who serves as head of production, said. “It’s up to innovative companies and individuals to disrupt the industry’s current norms, and we want to do what we can to support that.”

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Liang knows what’s she talking about. After all, she and Gerson disrupted (and disbanded) their own careers at various independent labels, including the now-defunct Sjobeck, to reevaluate the way fashion is created and delivered in the modern era.

To its customers, Ystr counsels patience. It takes about two days—or more, depending on the clothing style and the number of backorders—to cut, sew, detail, and inspect each garment.

Liang says the brand won’t sell something if they haven’t fallen in love with how it looks and feels. Ystr wants to create long-lasting staples its clientele will love for years to come.

But slow—and sustainable—fashion can be a viable business, even if it challenges the norm. Ystr’s motto makes this abundantly clear. “You can’t rush something you want to last forever.”

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