Zady is moving from curator to maker. The ethical e-tailer, which celebrates its one-year anniversary today, is poised to launch its own private label, beginning with a knitted women’s sweater. Forget farm to table, says co-founder Maxine Bédat; we’re living in the era of farm to closet. “We are aiming to provide our customers with the essential knit sweater they will cherish for a lifetime,” Bédat says in a statement. “We are excited to have our hands in the entire process, from farm to closet. Getting to this level of detail takes time, resources, and finding and supporting a community of suppliers that will be proud of this new level of transparency that we are bringing to market.”

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To obtain the wool for its sweater, Zady has tapped Oregon’s Imperial Stock Ranch—the same farm that supplied thousands of pounds of the fluffy stuff for Ralph Lauren’s Sochi Olympic uniforms.

Imperial Stock is the ideal partner because of its commitment to mindful land stewardship, Bédat notes. Besides relying on grazing animals, rather than chemicals, to maintain its vegetation, the farm also uses “no-till” agricultural techniques and repurposes rainwater for irrigation.

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From Oregon, the wool will be treated in Jamestown, S.C., then sent to G.J. Littlewood & Sons in Philadelphia from dyeing. The finished garment will emerge in Southern California, keeping the entire process on domestic shores.

The Zady sweater is only the beginning. “Once we have our sweater mastered, we plan to expand the line to focus on other timeless pieces made from the best natural materials,” Bédat says.

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