Last year Ed Chew won our Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition with a brilliant geometric Tetrapak lamp made of hundreds of strips of recycled packaging linked together with absolutely no adhesives. We liked the LED lamp so much that we ordered a couple. Now he has designed CORE which is comprised of both the original Tetrapak lamp and an additional layer of recycled coconut spheres!

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Though Chew doesn’t make any claims to be saving the world, he does say that Malaysians really love their Tetrapak drinks but never really think about the fact that they are discarded en masse in landfills throughout the country. Same goes for coconut shells. A staple food in the tropics, coconut is especially valued for its milk and meat, but the shells end up going to waste, aside from a small amount that is used for fuel.

So the artist/designer, who is motivated by passion instead of dollars, decided to incorporate the shells into this next generation of Tetrapak lighting. The lamp’s name CORE is an acronym for Coconut Recycled and requires a few more skills and tools than his original lamp, but Chew says that anything is possible if the will is there. His goal is to encourage other people to make their own recycled lamps to divert as much waste from Malaysia’s landfills as possible.

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