Be sure to tune into your local PBS station this week for Edens Lost and Found: How Ordinary Citizens are Restoring Our Great American Cities, a new four part PBS mini-series profiling sustainable community planning and design initiatives in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

The program highlights practical solutions to improve the environment and quality of life in cities and is the centerpiece of a multimedia program and outreach initiative including a resource-rich website, community action guides, teaching curricula, and a companion book. This special broadcast will showcase extraordinary community activists as well as forward-thinking professionals and governmental officials who are transforming their urban environments.

Edens was produced by Wiland-Bell Productions, makers of the acclaimed program And Thou Shalt Honor which spurred national dialogue about elder care. Based on the 20 minute preview DVD I was given along with my Greening Rooftops Conference materials last week, I’d say Edens is poised to create a similarly productive conversation. It looks to be incredibly inspiring work! Don’t miss it!

Edens premiers with Chicago: City of the Big Shoulders, on May 18th in many cities. For complete list of airdates on your local broadcast station, click here.