It’s a nasty habit, but thousands of people do it – pen chewing. Designer Dave Hakkens realized that people in the creative field, including himself, might be particularly susceptible to this behavior, which is why he decided to create a pen that wouldn’t be taboo to eat. The result was this edible candy pen that comes in several yummy flavors and won’t have people giving you disgusted looks. Actually they still might but then you can explain that your pen is made out of candy and hopefully they will understand.

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“I first wanted to make something so I could chew on my pen without making it dirty,” says Hakkens of his idea. “When looking at the pen I noticed that you only use the ink, the other stuff is just there to hold filling more comfortable. Isn’t it possible to eat the whole cover? That was my goal, a pen where you can chew on and entirely eat.”

Hakkens created 3 different molds and used them to begin testing out different types of candy. He finally found the consistency and porosity he was looking for and created his final model in a peppermint flavor. “The candy which is used doesn’t stick on anything and doesn’t melt when it’s in your hands,” he explains. Even the ink is edible so you don’t have to worry about poisoning yourself. The only part that isn’t edible is the small point that is used to write.

+ Dave Hakkens