Edible chocolate records are sweet music to our ears! Although Peter Lardong has been pumping out chocolate vinyl recreations for awhile now, we’re enthralled with the novelty. The chocolatier combines the art of chocolate making with traditional vinyl record making techniques to produce an edible record that actually sounds like a real LP. With a million questions for Lardong about his chocolate record making process, we’re most curious to know if they can be played more than once.

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Peter Lardong, formerly a brewer, is reportedly the first man to spin a chocolate record. Chocolate wasn’t his first choice though to make an edible record – he also tried out butter, cheese, cola, beer and sausages, all of which ended in unplayable messes. But with chocolate, Lardong hit upon the right note as the food can become quite hard at room temperature. Lardong’s recipe consists of chocolate, liquor, butter and lecithin as an emulsifier and the molds are made with silicon.

The process is patented in Germany and Japan and reportedly, Lardong also pays music rights to be able to reproduce the songs. Each chocolate record features one cut side with a single on it, that magically plays on a turntable and sounds just like a real LP. Surely, the needle must scrape off some of the chocolate, but we wonder how many times it can be played. The best thing though, is that at the end of the record’s life, you can simply break it up and eat it.

Via GreenMuze