These traditional “Ika Tokkuri” sake bottles are 100% edible and are made from a surprising source – sun-dried squid! Authorities in Takahama recently established the “Committee to Reinstate the Sake Bottle Squid”, so the edible table wear is finally making its comeback. For those of you who enjoy the rice wine known as sake, we are pleased to report that these salty vessels will enhance its flavor and after about five uses make for a delicious snack.

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The process for making the Ika Tokkuri starts when cuttlefish are caught, cleaned and set outside in the sun for drying. Once partially dried, the skins are stuffed with grain or rice and molded by hand in to the shape of a bottle. With the drying process complete the bottles are ready for use. The best part is that when warm sake is poured into the Ika Tokkuri, it absorbs the salty flavors from the dried squid and becomes milder and smoother in flavor

Via Core 77 and Inventor Spot