Edison2 recently revealed an electric version of their Very Light Car, which, until now, used to run on gasoline or ethanol. The company, known for building super efficient transportation solutions and their Very Light Car previously won the Progressive Auto X Prize — a vehicle efficiency competition — and now they’ve gone a step further and are running that very car on electricity only.

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The new Very Light Car is called the eVLC. Edison2 says the car is equipped with a 10-kWh battery pack and can carry a total of four passengers in comfort. Though the auto hasn’t gone through official testing, Edison2 engineers are saying that it is far more efficient than the Nissan Leaf and could prove to be the most efficient MPGe-rated vehicle on the planet.

Edison2 says that the eVLC is the “inevitable future of the automobile,” and they are apparently throwing around the idea of running the same vehicle body on other power sources as well — algae or hydrogen perhaps? The eVLC is just as smooth and pod-like as its predecessor and this time around the VLC’s impact on the environment is even smaller.

Via Autoblog Green