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Vastu shastra, sometimes known as the “science of construction,” relies on directional elements and was usually limited to the architecture of Hindu temples. The modern interpretation of these design principles means that space in each residence has been reserved for divinity altars, along with proper consideration for the flow of inhabitants, guests, and services throughout the home.

The standout feature of Gurgaon 71 are the “green clouds,” extensions of the apartments that include a living room, kitchen, toilets, and an immense 100m² terrace that is more than 5m high — tall enough even for trees. These can be found on the highest of the towers, and are accessible via private elevators inside the apartments. The “green clouds” provide a space where flowers and organic vegetables can be cultivated, or somewhere to shelter from the heat on extremely hot days. Inspired by the tea pavilions found in the gardens of French chateaus, the rooftop areas are also connected via home automation systems to the apartment below.

Residents enter the apartments through an immense square bathed in natural light and filled with vegetation. This square hides parking below a slightly elevated swimming pool, which also provides access to the club house, commercial spaces, and other services via a wooden deck that skirts the outer edge. A unique feature of the pool is that the swimming basin is comparatively small, with the majority of space reserved for an aquatic landscape of reeds, water lilies, and lotus plants – all of which help to keep the water clean.

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