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The original home on the 0.35 acre lot overlooking Lake Champlain was dilapidated and not very efficient. To build the home of their dreams the owners worked with Ernie Ruskey, AIA, of Tektonika Studio Architects and builder Tim Frost to reuse materials and make a more eco friendly home. Materials from the original home were recycled and salvaged to build a slightly larger home on the same footprint. A large bank of windows on the south help with solar passive heating in the winter. Overhangs and natural ventilation help keep the interior cool in the summer.

An open floor plan living area and kitchen enjoy the views from the south side of the home. New materials used in the house were sourced locally, which includes maple wood for the flooring and cabinetry along with local stone for the fireplace, entry floor and outdoor pavers.

To make the home more efficient, the envelope was sealed up tight and the windows were upgraded to double panes. Heating is provided by efficient natural gas boiler and hydronic floors, while an air-to-air heat exchanger minimizes losses. All lighting is energy efficient CFLs or LEDs and overall the home achieves a 50% energy reduction compared to a 2004 IECC code-level home. The Lake Champlain House also achieved an EPA Energy Star 5-Star Plus rating, and a HERS rating of 57.

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Images ©Tektonika Studio Architects