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Egeon Architecten, Rieteiland-Oost Island, IJburg, Amsterdam, timber frame, residence, home, heat pump, natural ventilation, insulation, orientation, modern home, solar shading, shutters, wood cladding

The team of designers at Egeon Architecten organized this home with the living areas on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the second. The views of the garden and the lake beyond can be enjoyed on the first floor through a floor to ceiling glass façade. The façade of the second floor can be viewed as devoid of transparency and completely clad in wood. Wood shutters open to reveal bedroom windows, but the owners maintain complete privacy on the second floor. The third floor also opens to fantastic views of the island, and provides the owners with a private terrace surrounding offices for their home business. The overall composition of the home leads the eye to believe that the second floor mass float in the air between two transparent volumes.

The house is also designed with an impressive combination of sustainable features. Because of the low temperatures in Amsterdam, the home was designed with a heat pump combined with low temperature underfloor heating. High insulation values in the roof, walls and floors and heat resistant glass help to also create a tight thermal envelope. These help to keep the cost of heating and cooling low. The natural light in the living areas of the home also help to keep the lighting energy costs low. All-in-all, the energy consumption of the home and the design’s focus on bringing the natural surroundings into the home make this a wonderful addition to the always gorgeous modern regime of Dutch homes.

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