This egg-shaped vehicle may look like something out of the movies, but the Eggasus is a new personal electric vehicle that is set to launch in the U.S. this fall. Unlike the current electric vehicles on the road today the Eggasus only has room for one passenger – it’s designed to offer an innovative zero-emissions option for those who currently commute to work on scooters or mopeds.

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Eggasus is currently testing prototypes of the Eggasus, which is powered by an electric motor that is located in the front wheel. While official specs and charging times have not yet been announced, Eggasus explains that the personal electric vehicle is the result of decades of research in alternative urban transportation studies. Although its futuristic exterior design may seem out of this world, it represents the perfect alternative for commuters that currently ride a scooter or bicycle to work. It’s fully enclosed body will protect you from the weather and provides an extra layer of protection from other vehicles on the road.

The Eggasus team sees their new electric vehicle as the next step in transportation with its low-carbon footprint, energy efficient, economical, practical, comfortable and safe.

Interested buyers can now reserve the three-wheeled egg-shaped Eggasus electric vehicle, which is set to arrive this fall.


via Autochunk