The Ego is an electric submarine that is guaranteed to change your perspective on open-water craft — it literally puts you face-to-face with fish while keeping you dry. Powered by an electric motor, the sub has a top speed of 4 knots for 4 hours and can run a total of 6-10 hours on a single charge. Its easy navigation system means that with next-to-zero training nearly everyone who can drive a car can drive the world’s first compact semi-submarine.

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Raonhaje plans on selling fleets Ego semi-submarines to resorts and single units to individuals by the end of the year. Due to its odd shape and its minimum depth requirements, the company also plans to offer custom moorings and hoists for interested purchasers.

The EGO is available in seven different colors to suit every taste and it just made its worldwide debut at the Miami boat show this last week.

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