Just in time for Christmas, Egoista Motors has unveiled the ultimate present for Formula 1 fans – the EM01 Stradale Project. This mini Formula 1 car is a street-legal race car that also happens to be powered by either a fully electric or a hybrid powertrain. The unique racer can reach speeds of more than 180 mph with the ability to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat!

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“Racing is a passion of mine, and these cars are part of my identity. Working on developing the prototype for this car was so exciting for me because now we can share our passion with a much wider community,” stated Luca Fazzi, co-founder of Egoista Motors.

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Even with the ability to reach speeds as fast as the world’s best supercars, the EM01 Stradale Project racer can travel up to 280 miles with the hybrid powertrain, while the electric model can travel up to 186 miles between charges.

How can you get one? The EM01 Stradale Project is being released as a kit car to the general public. Egoista Motors is launching an Indiegogo campaign to support the EM01 Stradale Project racer. Backers can preorder the vehicle for as low as a $10,000 contribution and can place a deposit of as little as $850 to claim one. Egoista Motors hopes to deliver the first units by June 2015.

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