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Brushing your teeth is a relatively simple task that requires 30 seconds or so of arm movement. Are we so lazy and out-of-shape that we need battery-operated contraptions to move our toothbrushes now? Oral B apparently thinks so. They’ve launched a new automatic Pulsar Toothbrush, that not only takes all the action and fun out of toothbrushing – but, in a move guaranteed to piss off environmentalists everywhere – every part of the toothbrush is disposable as well! In this week’s installment of “Packaging the Future” our guest blogger, green journalist and founder of Eco Chick, Starre Vartan, discusses the utter wave of toxic wastefulness associated with the trend towards disposability. Her case in point? The Oral B Pulsar toothbrush, which boasts the “convenience” of being completely disposable. That right, once you’re finished with it, no big deal, just toss that hunk of plastic, the attendant batteries and its motor in the trash. Wait, what?!