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Beckerman is inventing and engineering gadgets and gizmos at a time when many of us were just getting our driver’s licenses. He built a “Cleaning Car” device that mops and vacuums the floor at the age of 12. And at 14, he created a helmet gizmo that allows users to watch close-up videos without craning their necks. Naturally, a submarine ensued.

“When you go down a few feet, it starts to go darker and darker, and when you get to about 10 feet, it can be virtually no light,” Justin explained to NJ News. The submarine was created using a drainpipe, white ballast tanks, regulators and valves from an old soda machine, three battery systems, a horn, a radio and ultra-bright strobe lights. Total spent? Just shy of $1,000.

The child genius has plans to study engineering in college. According to My Fox NY, Beckerman has also used his talent to create award-winning art sculptures out of fluorescent glass from computer screens.

Via Gizmodo