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The first step the architects took to transform the garage into sleek home office was to replace the traditional garage door with a sliding all glass front, able to flood the office with light and fresh air when the doors are slid open. When open, the folded metal doors provide privacy from the home’s driveway by creating temporary barriers on each side of the office. The interior door can also be left open when the outer metal skin is closed. This still facilitates the flow of fresh air, even during rainstorms and severe weather. Outside a platform leads into an entrance, creating a small outdoor patio space, further transforming the garage into a whole new space.

The architects added the perforated metal skin as a way to create the illusion that the home office was a separate from the connected house. The roof was expanded at an angle, creating a south facing skylight strip that lights the inside, while separating the existing roof from the new addition. The sloped ceiling changes the dynamic of the interior, creating an open and airy quality.

The resulting mini office is a perfect, separate space for furniture designer Hugo de Ruiter to use on a daily basis, with the a commute that can’t be beat.

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