Ekovaruhuset, which translates to ‘House of Organic’ in Swedish, is an eco-boutique founded by Johanna Hofring. She opened the first Ekovaruhuset shop in Stockholm in 2004 to bring one-of-a-kind, hand-made eco-creations to Sweden. The second boutique opened up in NYC last year and has quickly become one of our local favorites. Ekovaruhuset carries a few brands, like eco-sneaker favorite Veja, but stocks the shop mostly with their own designs crafted from a collective of select designers.

The Ekovaruhuset designers had their first NY fashion show last week and were a welcome addition to the small but growing number of organic designers at NY Fashion Week. The designers created looks that reflect their own style while also maintaining a cohesive aesthetic overall. The show included everything from a beautifully draped tweed jacket with cut-outs and sexy, crocheted numbers to bikinis and a wedding dress. If Ekovaruhuset continues to successfully walk the line between the fashion-forward design we crave and practical wearability we need, they should continue to receive accolades from a growing fan base of eco-fashionistas.

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