Sandhi Schimmel Gold has transformed the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” by literally recycling thousands of unwanted type to create these stunning pieces of art! Giving a new life to old junk mail, these amazing mosaic portraits are made entirely from unwanted mail, greeting cards and tags that come through the mailbox.

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Colorful and creative, Gold has taken the contemporary art-form of collage and remodeled it to create these elaborate figurative works. Each paper ‘tile’ is hand crafted, embellishing the old paper using non-toxic materials. Assembling them similar to creating a glass mosaic. Gold re-imagines the original photograph or portrait, presenting a new vibrant image of often iconic stars such as Twiggy and Elizabeth Taylor.

Discussing the objectives behind the portraits, Gold states the aim to reflect “society’s obsession with beauty through advertising – and the endless images that bombard us daily.” By purposely combining images derived from advertising along with pieces of text and image from discarded sources these mosaics are specifically formed to reflect the nature of consumption.

+ Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Images courtesy of Schimmel Art