Though only the interior of this car is actually constructed from its namesake material, the new BamBoo concept car from Rinspeed is the perfect summer getaway car — that is, if you’re escaping stress but not from another car. This adorable throwback tops out at about 75 miles an hour but definitely won’t have you topping out on sun. The bronzed car is meant to have you longing for the streets of San Tropez and practically begs to have a surfboard thrown in its bamboo backseat.

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The body of the BamBoo is made from a traditional metal but the open air design gives it an aura of lightness and most likely will let the wind really whip through your locks as you cruise around town. The car is described by its designers, Swiss concept design firm Rinspeed led by the innovative Frank M. Rinderknecht, as a “grown up golf-cart” and will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011.

Rinspeed seems to be unabashed about the lack of glitz and horsepower in their latest design. In their press release they note that “anyone not blinded by horsepower orgies, chrome tinsel and top-speed frenzy should take a closer look” at the BamBoo. Though they aren’t releasing a whole ton of information about the specifics of the car — we assume they’ll do that in Geneva in March — they are throwing in one interesting extra. If those windy European cobblestone alleyways get too tight for your BamBoo, the car has a collapsible two wheel vehicle on board to sweep you right through the snug streets of those old Mediterranean beach towns.

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