Electric busses are a great alternative to the diesel spewing mass transit vehicles of yesteryear, but they suffer from one major limitation: range. South Carolina-based Proterra is changing all that, as one of their electric buses just broke the world record for most miles traveled in a day! During a round of standard pre-delivery testing, a Proterra bus went over 700 miles in just 24 hours.

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The bus averaged 29 miles per hour, a speed meant to mimic average city driving, with the HVAC running as it would with passengers aboard. The bus stopped to charge periodically using Proterra’s fast charging system, which can juice up a bus in less time than it takes to charge your cell phone. At 27 mpg, the bus schooled other forms of transportation, accomplishing 6-times what diesel buses average and a whopping 7-times what a CNG bus manages.

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“This record offers definitive proof that all-electric Proterra buses combine all the durability and functionality of conventional buses, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership, fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions,” said Garrett Mikita, CEO.  “We are even more proud of the fact that we demonstrated this performance using a regular production bus with the same features and performance we build into all our buses.” The next stop for the tireless bus is to head into service in the Southeastern US.

Via Discovery