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A new electric concept vehicle puts race cars to shame. Spain’s Tecnalia Technological Corporation recently unveiled the Dynacar, an electric car than can go from zero to 87 miles per hour in a mere 10 seconds. The car made its first appearance last week at Madrid’s International Eco Friendly Vehicle & Sustainable Mobility Show.

The car certainly looks impressive, too: The two-seater vehicle resembles a cross between a sports car and the Batmobile. Dynacar can reach a peak power of 100 kilowatts, which is powered by a magnet synchronous electric motor. It’s energy storage capacity is 15 kilowatt-hours, and the vehicle weighs about 1,540 pounds.

The car displayed at the Madrid auto show was completely electric, but designers say they may implement range-extending technologies in future iterations of the Dynacar. For example, engineers may include a battery or a small internal combustion engine to supply extra power in the event that the car’s electric motor runs out of juice.

Designers plan to make the concept car road-ready in the future, but Dynacar’s real purpose in life is to serve as a research model. Tecnalia Technological Corporation aims to make a series of high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles. Dynacar will serve as a research tool to discover what works, what doesn’t and what technological aspects need further optimizing. But no matter how long it takes, we look forward to the day when drivers can cruise around in Batmobile-like, clean vehicles.

+Tecnalia Technological Corporation

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