In the movie “The Dilemma,” Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are challenged with the task of making hybrids sexy – namely, they must create a system that makes electric vehicles growl like muscle cars. Now a team of Latvian engineers are seeking to do something similar — but they’re not making something that sounds like a sports car. They’re making a vehicle that performs like a sports car. The OSCar eO will drive through deserts and over some of racing’s roughest terrain in an international race for electric recognition. Read on for more about the eco-car that’s not afraid of epic deserts!

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“The Dakar Rally” was named for Dakar, Senegal, where it historically began or ended, however the international vehicle race left the area after a terrorist threat from Mauritania in 2008. Regardless, the rally always promises harsh climates and rough terrain. Next year’s race will run vehicles through Mar del Plata, Argentina, Copiapo, Chile and Lima, Peru. The rally offsets its carbon emissions by sponsoring a rainforest preservation project piloted by Greenoxx, which curbs deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

The OSCar will run in a class by itself, for alternative energy vehicles. Its team is headed up by Latvians Andris Dambis, of OSC, and Maris Saukans, who are eager to challenge stereotypes of electric vehicles. Their process and story are featured in film clips on the car’s website. OSCar’s top speed is 86mph, but again — it’s in a class by itself. It will feature Winston Batteries (from China), two magnetic motors, and the ability to harness energy from its own shock absorbers. The catch– and you knew there’d be one — is that OSCar will be outfitted with an on-board electric generator, which itself will be fueled by petroleum. For the lengthy Dakar distances, says Dambis, “We cannot do without it.”

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