Installing a wind turbine on or around your home is a great way to diversify your energy supplies, but you don’t need a 100 foot wind tower to get the job done. As such, Electric Pinwheels has produced a small, flexible and easily-attachable wind turbine that can help dramatically reduce a family’s energy consumption. Best of all? It can be installed in 8 seconds, without the need for bolts, screws, alignment or balancing.

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The company specializes in polymer turbine blades that are shaped to resembles a bird’s feather. As a result, the overall weight is reduced by 63 percent compared to turbine blades made of wood and fiberglass, and the Electric Pinwheels say that their lighter blades allow for quicker response to the changing wind speed and direction. The rotor on the wind turbine also acts as a large gyroscope, resisting change in direction as it spins.  “By reducing the rotating mass by 63% and moving weight toward the center of rotation has the effect of reducing the moment of inertia by 78%, which is the property that governs the degree of gyroscopic effect,” the company said. And if you’re worried about the visual impact of the turbine, the blades have been designed to be of a translucent appearance so as to adapt to ambient conditions.

According to the company’s website, “Electric Pinwheels’ patent-pending blade attaches to the hub by inserting the leading edge spar into a hole and twisting into position.  The spar pulls out slightly to lock the blade angle, while the trailing edge spar is pulled into its receiver block.  Finally the skin anchor piece is pulled over a post and the entire blade is pulled outward.  These three anchor features are designed to be redundant in the unlikely event of failure, adding to the safety of locating the wind turbine close to buildings and people.”

You can watch a video demonstration of the turbine being installed here.

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