UK research firm Business Green just announced that electric vehicle sales have grown a whopping 366 percent in the first part of 2015. This leap in sustainable transportation is a feat for a country that was at first hesitant to embrace the EV. Although EV sales in the United States remain steady, sales in England and other parts of Europe demonstrate the world has embraced alternatives to cars powered by fossil fuels.

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Along with rapidly rising sales in the UK, the presence of electric vehicles is growing in Sweden, Denmark, Germany Austria and China. Experts attribute a myriad of reasons to the trend. One, the rise of EV sales could be related to each country’s gas tax, with a boost in EV sales for areas with a high tax. Government incentives also encourage people to buy EVs, and as more countries adopt these programs, sales soar. Government decarbonization and clean air policies will help to bolster these incentives as well.

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Another factor that attracts new customers is the introduction of more models to choose from. As new models entice new owners, prices fall, creating greater availability of affordable electric vehicles for people historically excluded from what was once a luxury. While the electric vehicle is still relatively new to the market, worldwide sales show the rechargeable vehicle is here to stay, and, as the world embraces change, will only become more popular.

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