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The second of two prototypes, the Zerotracer was on display at the Swiss pavilion in Abu Dhabi last week. It runs on lithium polymer batteries that can be charged up to 2,000 times in just two hours when using a three pin plug. (A regular household plug takes six hours.) Each charge lasts 250km, which means that this motorbike can travel 20,000 km per year for a whopping 25 years.

Equipped with a heater and a seatbelt and two stabilizing tires that retract, the Zerotracer has the comfort of a car but the excitement and aerodynamics of a motorbike. It has two seats and requires 0.7 liters of gasoline to travel 100 km. All of the components, including an electric engine from Brusa, are Swiss.

Wülser designed the Zerotracer with the specific purpose of traveling around the world in it, which he accomplished, starting with the Zero Emission Race Competition in Geneva in August 2010. Along the way, they charged the bike at McDonalds, campsites and other public places, all of which were thrilled to help. Now the team at Designwerk are working on building the world’s first electric truck!

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All images by Tafline Laylin for Inhabitat