Green gadgets are becoming more and more readily available, many boasting features like solar-powered batteries and recycled materials. But nothing can be more green than this electricity-free iBamboo speaker by Brooklyn based Anatoliy Omelchenko. Not only is the piece made from bamboo, but the speaker consists of just a single piece of bamboo cut with a notch for an iPhone to fit snugly within.

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The entire speaker is comprised of a single, one-foot cut of hollow bamboo, and the acoustics work by utilizing the existing iPhone speaker and maximizing the sound through echoes within the tube naturally. The sound exiting out each side creates a “stereo” effect that is highlighted by an airy sound reminiscent of holding a shell to one’s ear. The iBamboo is for all sorts of tunes, but the designer highly recommends using the speaker for Classical and Jazz music, as it brings resonance and depth to the flat sound of the iPhone speaker.

Not only is this speaker100% green and devoid of any electronics or plastic, but its also 100% renewable given it’s bamboo construction. The speaker is also lightweight, and could easily be carried anywhere — although it may not be able to project out of doors.

Making an iBamboo seems simple enough, but Omelchenko hopes to put his on the market. Currently working with a Kickstarter campaign, he has less than a month to reach his start up $10,000 goal, which covers the cost of laser cutting, hand-finishing and the iBamboo case. Currently the speaker runs about $25-30 retail.

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Via Tree Hugger