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The Cube opened in Brussels on April 1st on top of the Arc de Triomphe. The pop-up restaurant serves daily lunch and dinner, and Chefs Bart De Pooter and Sanghoon Degeimbre are alternating cooking meals until the Cube moves to its next location at the beginning of July. The 140 square meter restaurant seats 18 people and has a concealed dining table that drops from the ceiling when dinner is served. Afterward, the table is raised up and stowed away so guests can mingle and enjoy their after-dinner drinks.

The goal of the pop-up restaurant is in part to show off local talent and ingredients, but also — as you might suspect — to show off Electrolux appliances. The kitchen is the center of attention, where the chefs aim to show dinners that great meals don’t need to be difficult or expensive “as long as you have the right tools.” Through the chefs and their specially designed menus, Electrolux showcases their energy-efficient, state of the art cooking technologies.

A laser-cut aluminum skin wraps the exterior of the prefab modules, creating both texture and a shaded exterior. Lightweight yet durable materials will allow the restaurant to be set up many times over the next year as it travels throughout Europe alighting on famous landmarks. In July, the Cube Pavilion will move on to Italy, Russia, Switzerland, and Sweden for 3 months stints at each. Reservations are almost completely booked through May and into mid June.

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